You will find a map with the relevant locations here.

Useful Addresses & phone numbers:

  • Workshop: Uni Bastion, Aile Jura, room A109, Rue de Candolle 5. To access the room A109: click here.
  • Restaurant Uni Dufour – Rue du Général-Dufour 24
  • Restaurant L’italia – Boulevard des philosophes 4
  • Hôtel Bel’Espérance – 1 rue de la Vallee, tel: +41 22 818 37 37
  • Augustin’s mobile: +41 786973580

How to reach…

  • From the Airport to Cornavin (Geneva’s train station)
    There is a ticket machine in the luggage pick-up area of the airport on the right of the CUSTOMS exit that delivers free tickets valid for 80 minutes on the whole network of the Genevan public transportation (TPG).
    After customs, follow the sign indicating the airport train station, i.e. head left all the way until the end of the hall. Once you are in the train station, take ANY train (all trains go downtown) and get off at the first stop, i.e. Cornavin.
  • From Cornavin to Hôtel Bel’Espérance
    Bus: 8/25 from Cornavin to Rive or 9 from Cornavin to Métropole.
  • From Cornavin to the workshop
    Tram 15 from Cornavin to Plainpalais, tram 18 from Cornavin to Place de Neuve, bus 5 from Cornavin to Athénée.
  • From Hôtel Bel’Espérance to the workshop: here (10min walk).